Rob Ninkovich Reacts To Cam Newton’s Tired Of Being Humble Instagram

Former Carolina Panthers quarterback Cam Newton will no longer be humble. The quarterback is fed up with this and he is about to make some serious changes. The three-time Pro Bowl selection and the 2015 NFL MVP took to his Instagram account to share a post about his modesty. Newton is a veteran and he has had great success in his career. He has earned over $100 million and he doesn’t even go for the money. Yes, he didn’t sign a deal to earn that much money. It looks like Newton is motivated to win, and Rob Ninkovich responded to his Instagram post.

The Panthers released Newton in March and he was left without a home for three months. The Patriots decided to give him a chance, and Newton is more than excited about it.

Rob Ninkovich has nice reaction to Newton’s Instagram post

A lot of people were full of doubts. Well, Newton wants to prove them wrong. He agreed to a one-year deal with the Patriots. What does Ninkovich say about this?

“Yeah, I mean, he might be humbled when he walks onto the field as the third quarterback,” Nikovich said on ESPN’s “Get Up.” “Look, I’m just gonna tell you, the Patriots and the way that they function is they compete and Bill is going to tell everybody on that roster, ‘There are no starters right now. You’re going to have to come into this building, you’re going to have to compete for a job and we’re going to select the best guys for each position.’ Competition brings out the best in everybody.

“Look, there’s a physical side to football. We all know that. But there’s also a mental side to football. I’ve been in this position where you have started for a long time in the NFL and you walk into a second-string or a third-string huddle, you look around — it can be a little bit tough to look around and say, ‘Hey, I’m not the No. 1 right now.’ It can really check you.”

Ninkovich didn’t stop here

“So, I think that, for him, it’s going to be a mental and physical test. Look, he had a Lisfranc injury,” he added. “Those are not easy to come back from. He looks great right now working out, throwing the ball around, but he doesn’t have a rush on him, he doesn’t have guys blitzing, hitting him from all different directions. So, look, he’s going to have to go into that building, he’s going to have to earn his spot. His contract is one of those where you have to go out and earn it. He doesn’t have any real, guaranteed money to where you’re like, ‘He’s the starter.’ If he signed a $50 million contract, he’d be the starter. He signed a league-minimum contract. He’s going to have to go in and compete.”

Ready for a win

Damien Woody is not really concerned about Newton and his readiness to compete. The former center says that Newton is a nice fit for Bill Belichick’s team. Moreover, Woody believes that Newton will click well with Belichick and offensive coordinator Josh McDaniels.

2020 will be a season full of challenges, and the Patriots are ready for every bit of it. They plan to move on with a lot of success, and Newton will help them accomplish that.

Tom Brady left the Patriots in March, and he is now ready to enter a new season with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.