This Story About Cam Newton Shows Why Bill Belichick Will Love The QB

Cam Newton will soon join New England Patriots head coach Bill Belichick and the team. Just a few NFL players had an experience with both Belichick and Newton. A former Patriots and Carolina Panthers player shared a story of Newton and his work ethic. Well, this reminds us of the greatest of all time.

Newton’s work ethic has impressed his teammates and many other NFL players. Many have compared him to Tom Brady. TB12 has established a reputation for his endless work ethic in the organization. Now he is part of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, and the Patriots have to find a replacement for him. Is Newton the right player to replace Belichick’s best quarterback?

Cam Newton will earn the trust of coach Bill Belichick

Belichick will sign Newton to a one-year deal packed with incentives. Many believe that Newton is the next signal-caller for the Patriots.

Marshall Newhouse went on Sirius XM NFL’s “Late Hits” program and talked about Newton’s role in New England.

“Some people who are just uncomfortable with a guy as strong in personality as Cam might see that as something that could cause friction, but people who are secure and understand what it takes to play in the NFL — both Bill Belichick and Josh McDaniels as a staff and Cam Newton as a guy who has matured and competed and grown so much over the years — to those guys, none of this matters.

“When I was in Carolina, I was new, getting traded in the middle of the season, and my mornings started early, cramming the playbook. Lo and behold, Cam was there, hours before me, walking on the treadmill, studying his playbook. Same in the afternoon, with Luke Kuechly, studying, getting extra film work. So the work part is not a question. You can call it flamboyance, but he’s just got a strong personality. He’s a leader.

“But when has Bill Belichick ever shied away from that? We just assume they don’t mesh with that kind of thing, but in reality, there are strong personalities all over the locker room. Everybody just knows their role. I think Cam will get there, and they’ll kind of help him define what his role is, and he’ll adapt to that. Them not being able to get along is just a fallacy, in my opinion.”

This story makes us believe that Newton will win over the Patriots in a short period of time. The team will have to adjust the offense to his skills. Let’s just say that Newton and Brady have different styles. They may be hardworking, but their winning style is different. Will Newton fit in Belichick’s winning formula?