Troy Brown Has A New Coaching Role With Patriots

Head coach Bill Belichick took his time to explain the new role Troy Brown has on the Patriots coaching staff. Brown has his spot in the Patriots Hall of Fame for his success as a slot receiver and punt returner. Why is Belichick using him to coach running backs and kick returners?

That’s not all. Brown will have much more responsibilities in the upcoming 2020 season.

“Troy spent the year with us last year,” Belichick said. “Of course, he has a tremendous amount of experience here. He’ll continue to work with other positions, as well, the returners and slot receivers. But I think just given the conversations I’ve had with Troy, he’s very eager. He has a very good football — he’s a very instinctive football player and coach. I think he was always great with the ball in his hands as a runner. He was obviously a great receiver. That’s a big part of every running back’s job. Again, he was a strong player in the kicking game, as well. It was an opportunity for him to be involved with a little bit of a different group.”

Troy Brown will have more responsibilities with the Patriots in 2020

The Patriots made a lot of changes in the coaching staff. According to Belichick, expanding their coaching of different positions helps them boost their overall coaching skills. Cole Popovich coached running backs in 2019. In 2020, he will be working with the offense. Stephen Belichick worked with safeties and Belichick gave him responsibilities with the outside linebackers. The head coach has a high opinion of this way of doing things. Josh McDaniels and Matt Patricia have switched spots in the team and this made them better coaches.

Belichick is satisfied with Brown’s work and he will probably give him more responsibilities in September.

Brown assisted wide receivers coach Joe Judge in 2019 in an NFL Minority Coaching Fellowship position. The latter accepted the offer from New York and he will be coaching the Giants in 2020. He was able to catch 557 passes for 6,366 yards with 31 touchdowns, carried the ball 29 times for 178 yards, returned 252 punts for 2,625 yards with there touchdowns and 87 kicks for 1,862 yards in his career with the Pats (1993-2007). Brown also had 22 tackles and three interceptions as a part-time defensive back with the team.

Mike Lombardi will be coaching wide receivers in 2020. He was an assistant quarterbacks coach in 2019. Jedd Fish is coaching quarterbacks now.