Watch: Cam Newton Dances And Signs Along To Beyonce On IG

New England Patriots quarterback Cam Newton danced to the beats of Beyonce. From what we can see, he is really impressed with his new home. The world is in the middle of a horrible pandemic, but Newton still finds a way to dance around and amuse himself and his new teammates. Newton didn’t let the virus steal his joy.

The former 2015 NFL MVP took to his Instagram account to show off his dance moves. Yes, he was even singing. Well, maybe he should be taking some singing lessons. But, that’s not the point here. Newton is not a singer. He has something to celebrate. He signed a new deal with the best team in the league, and he is ready to win a title with them.

Newton has definitely earned his moment to cool down and dance a little. The past two seasons were full of injuries and challenges. This period didn’t have a popular ending and the Carolina Panthers released the talented quarterback. The Panthers released him this offseason and signed Teddy Bridgewater. Newton didn’t like any of that because he knows that his talent is great.

Cam Newton has a reason to dance to Beyonce

The talented quarterback signed an incentive-laden deal with the team. This team only guarantees Newton $550,000 and the upper limit for the deal is $7.5 million. If Newton wants to get that deal, he will have to lead the Patriots to a Super Bowl.

Newton may be underpaid and undervalued, but he is about to prove his worth. He didn’t sign a deal with the Patriots to earn a lot of money. He is trying to make a point. Respect is his biggest motivation, and Newton is definitely trying to make a change.

In one of his recent videos, Newton said he was “sick of being humble.” Well, some analysts say that Newton is “sick of being humble.” He made this statement amidst a workout. It’s time to celebrate the great things, and Newton is about to see major changes in his life. Newton is a talented quarterback and he has never sought approval from others. He is well aware of his value.