Watch: Exhausted LeBron James Lays On Locker Room Floor Delivers A Message To Lakers Fans

LeBron James has always been a gem in the locker room. There are so many fans around the world that were wondering if the NBA would be able to restart. Well, the NBA has helped a lot. As of last night, the NBA is in full gear once again.

The Los Angeles Lakers played their first game last night against their counter parts the Los Angeles Clippers. This was a huge game right off the bat. Most experts around the basketball world tend to agree that both of these teams are heavy contenders in the West.

LeBron took this to a new level when he laid on the floor of the locker room after the game on Thursday night.

“First game back since March got me on the floor…I gotta get up and get in the shower though…Getting closer, I’m sitting up now.”

Obviusly, LeBron James has been an amazing addition to the Lakers and his presence is enough to change the outcome of the game. He recently talked about his relationship with Anthony Davis, who is the piece they were needing.

Watch: Exhausted LeBron James Lays On Locker Room Floor Delivers A Message To Lakers Fans

“I feel like we’ve been together for years even though this is our first year together,” James said. “I was just happy to see all my brothers and do what we love to do best, and that’s playing the game of basketball and doing that for one another. It’s like we never left. We picked up right where we left off.”

That is an awesome thing to hear. Many people around the Lakers thought that the break could negatively impact the team and their chances at a championship.

However, based on their performance on Thursday night, it seems like they are all ready to go. He had a few things to say about the game last night.

“I love having the ball in my hands late in the game. … I was able to follow my own shot and put us up. Put us up for good.”

What do you think about the Laker’s performance on Thursday night?