Watch: JaVale McGee Mic’d Up Reaction For Dion’s Spin Move Is Hilarious

The Los Angeles Lakers defeated their city rivals and each player had a role on the court. The team had a great game in Orlando, and it’s more than obvious that they are ready for the playoffs. Each player did some really cool stuff in the first seeding game, and JaVale McGee had a hilarious reaction to the spin move Dion Waiters pulled out during the game.

Analysts agree that after the first night of games in the NBA bubble, Waiters has the best plus-minus of any player in the bubble. His team outscored the Clippers by 17 points during the 21 minutes that Waiters played, smashing Kawhi Leonard at plus-16 for “the momentary title of Disney’s net rating king.”  In 48 games, the Lakers went plus-17 in Rajon Rondo’s minutes only four times. In these games, the Lakers won the minutes the veteran sat as well. Three of these games were played against lottery opponents. LA lost the minutes Waiters sat by 15 on Thursday. This was a win over a Clippers squad that is expected to await the Lakers in the Western Conference finals. Waiters’ team has improved a lot at backup point guard and it shows.

JaVale McGee will have even more hilarious reaction in the next game

The veteran was far from perfect in the first game. He shot 1 of 6 on 3-pointers playing for a squad that needs its role players to space the floor. He didn’t have the best defense and was really aggressive in his effort to make big plays. Some say he was over-helping. But, one thing stands for sure. McGee followed his spin and his reaction was priceless.

These seeding games will be of big importance for Waiters and others like him. Lakers head coach Frank Vogel pointed to this importance in the post-game press conference. He said, “That’s going to be one of the bigger goals of these eight games, is just seeing exactly how those guys fit in and what they look like with different combinations of the guys that have already been here.”

LA is going big, and LeBron James will carry his team to the top. Anthony Davis will be here to give him a hand.