Watch: JR Smith With Epic Alley-Oop To Dwight Howard

The Los Angeles Lakers are playing the Orlando Magic in their second scrimmage. Players give their best although it’s just a scrimmage. JR Smith connected with Dwight Howard for an impressive alley-oop, and we can only imagine your excitement. The Lakers signed Smith for a really good reason.

LA thought of getting the veteran wing before the NBA hiatus. Once the NBA title favorite said he was happy to help the team win a title.

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JR & Dwight lobs 😤

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This may be a scrimmage, but Smith balls really well. In the first scrimmage against the Dallas Mavericks at Walt Disney World Thursday evening, Smith was excellent. His how started with a big move following a nifty drive through the lane. Smith followed this with a three and threw out a big dime. Oh, he is amazing.

JR Smith and Dwight Howard do wonders together

Smith is 34 and he hasn’t played an NBA game since Nov. 19 of 2018. He was out of the game for almost two years. One can’t overcome such a big void. But, from what we can see, Smith plays really well. The Lakers will need more of this production. He will need to invest his entire talent into the game. If he does this, the Lakers will be able to give him a deal next season.

Being out of the game had impact on Smith’s mental state.

“I went through a very depressed state for a long time,” Smith told reporters on a video conference call Monday. “And it lasted for a few months, where I just didn’t — I’m a big video gamer, I didn’t even play 2K anymore. I don’t want to hoop, I don’t want to work out, I don’t want to play 2K, I don’t want do anything with basketball.”

The Lakers will play games with a great team and they are ready for their first title in a decade. LeBron and Davis will move on with full power, and they won’t stop at this point. They came to Orlando with a goal. How will the team finish the campaign? It’s a big challenge for every veteran on the roster.