Watch: Mohamed Sanu Greet Jarrett Stidham During Workout With Patriots Teammates

The New England Patriots have to work really hard for the upcoming season as they have to move on without Tom Brady. New England will soon enter a challenging season, and this will be more than difficult for the team. Cam Newton, Jarrett Stidham and Brian Hoyer will compete for the starting job this summer. Head coach Bill Belichick will have to make a decision regarding his quarterback. Who will throw catches to Julian Edelman and Mohamed Sanu? Well, it looks like Mohamed Sanu has had his workout with Stidham, and this is more than exciting for the Patriots nation.

Sanu got in some reps with newly-acquired Patriots quarterback Newton. This workout happened right after Newton agreed to sign a deal with the Patriots.

The veteran wideout now works out with Stidham. Zack Cox reported that Brian Hoyer and David Andrews were on the field, too.

Mohamed Sanu will have another successful workout

We have witnessed the interactions between Stidham and Sanu on social media. It was more than obvious that they are interested in playing together. This meet-up is more than beneficial for both players, and they have to build a connection for the upcoming season.

Sanu’s workout with Newton attracted everyone’s attention. According to sources, it was just a coincidence. That’s not the most important detail. Truth is, fans got really excited about their instant connection, and everyone is trying to make a prediction regarding the Patriots and their next quarterback. Who will start games in September?

Sanu didn’t live up to the expectations in 2019. He joined the team mid-season but couldn’t really connect with Brady. He sustained an injury at the very beginning of his stint with the Patriots and missed some time.

Newton arrived in a relatively new environment, and he will have to adjust to the Patriots’ system. Playing under Bill Belichick is not easy, and Newton knows that. But he is more than happy with the chance he was given. The Patriots showed interest in his game, and that’s a huge opportunity for the veteran. He is just 32 and he has so much to offer.