Watch: Mohamed Sanu Shares Yet Another Video From His Workout With Cam Newton

Mohamed Sanu and Cam Newton had an impressive workout and fans loved every bit of it. it turns out that it was actually a coincidence. Both players picked the same time and the same city, and many say it was a coincidental meeting.

They had the workout a couple of days after Newton and the New England Patriots agreed to a one-year contract. His deal is packed with incentives, but the quarterback is not even worried about the money. It’s all about the respect.

The workout gave us so much to talk about and we loved the videos from the session. Sanu got the most out of the West Coast workout. The veteran wideout shared a lot of the videos of the workout, and there’s another one. Have you ever noticed that Sanu is a must-follow for the Patriot nation?

Mohamed Sanu has a workout for the win

Newton arrived to New England over the weeked. He will have his physical, and if everything turns well, he will sign his contract with the team. According to sources, the whole thing will be official this week.

Newton will have to work really hard to earn Bill Belichick’s trust. He will probably compete with Jarrett Stidham and Brian Hoyer to get the starting job. The second-year quarterback was first in the line to replace Tom Brady. However, the arrival of Newton may easily change that. The Patriots didn’t show much interest in getting Newton this offseason. Well, now they got him and he is more than excited to become a Patriot. He will use well this opportunity. The Patriots decided to trust him, and he has to prove doubters wrong.

The Carolina Panthers cut Newton and he was on the free agency market for quite some time. New England was linked with the veteran, but they didn’t make a move. Now they plan to sign him for the veteran minimum.

Many say that the Patriots should have offered Newton a bigger deal. Well, he doesn’t need the money. He needs the fire. Newton respects the Patriots and he is happy to be around.