Brandon Copeland Reveals Biggest Differentiator With Patriots Defense

Brandon Copeland has given some insight on the New England Patriots defense going into the 2020 season. Last year was a big drop off from what Patriot fans are used to. The team struggled to get its footing and failed to make the playoffs for the first time in years. But they are looking to bounce back on both the offense and defense.

Brandon Copeland’s has yet to even play a down for the New England Patriots. However, this doesn’t mean the newly acquired linebacker couldn’t become a huge part of the Patriots defense. The defense has a long road ahead of it but they are looking to bounce back in a big way.

Copeland is 6-foot-3, 263-pound monster. He is currently listed on the Patriots depth chart as the starter. Ja’Whaun Bentley and Chase Winovich round out the list. He is most well known for playing outside linebacker. But he could be moved around to fit the needs of the team. He definitely understands needing to be versatile.

“I’ve been in both systems. In Baltimore (in 2013), the Ravens 3-4 system. In 2018 with Coach (Todd) Bowles with the Jets, 3-4, but I’ve been in 4-3 as you’ve mentioned,” Copeland told reporters on Friday.

Brandon Copeland Reveals Biggest Differentiator With Patriots Defense

“I’ve really taken a liking to the way we’ve installed it and built that foundation and getting everyone on the same page from a communication standpoint. I can’t echo that enough in terms of how detailed we’ve been, even as simple as understanding what the offense is giving us,” Copeland said. “In terms of how do we diagnose what they’re doing so that we can make adjustments as a team and we all are talking the same language.”

“I’ve been in different schemes where I’m talking English, another person is talking Spanish, another one is talking French … we’re all talking and saying the same thing but we’re saying it in different languages and we’re not really maximizing the communication we were having and then, in turn, the adjustments we can be making to whatever the offense is presenting to us,” Copeland continued. “They’ve done an amazing job of laying the ground floor. …It might be a little slower if you’ve been in this defense for years, but as a guy coming in for the first time, it’s been amazing for me. That I think has been a differentiator thus far.”

It will definitely be interesting to see how he works out. What do you think?