Darren Collison Reacts On ‘Overhyped’ Rumors About Joining Lakers or Clippers

Darren Collison has been linked with the Los Angeles Lakers for quite some time. Well, the talented veteran made a statement about these rumors. Some fans won’t like this at all.

Collison surprised everyone with his decision to remain retired instead of inking a deal with the Lakers or Clippers in February. It turns out that the whole return thing was a joke. Collison never seriously planned to go back to the league.

The veteran appeared on the “Minute Til 6” podcast and talked about the chances to join LA in February. Did the teams try to recruit him? According to Collison, he “wasn’t even thinking about coming back.” This came like a surprise to many fans.

“To keep it 100, they overhyped the whole thing,” the veteran NBA guard said.

Darren Collison to join the Lakers

A lot of fans thought Collison would be interested in signing a deal with one of the LA teams.

In February, the veteran guard attended a Lakers game alongside team owner Jeanie Buss. This was more than enough for fans to speculate. Many thought that Collison was interested in signing a deal with the Lakers. The former NBA playmaker said he went to Staples Center to watch Russell Westbrook and his team. He just wanted to enjoy the sport as a visitor.

“When I went, it just so happened that they made this hoopla about me trying to play for the Lakers…but there was not one time was I thinking about coming back, because mentally I was just wasn’t in that right frame of mind,” Collison explained.

So, does this mean that the veteran guard just so happened to sit next to Buss? The former UCLA Bruin texted Matt Barnes that there was a 50% chance for him to return.

Collison may give a second thought after the end of the season. However, the veteran insists he “never thought about coming back” for this particular season. As he likes to say, he’s “still trying to work some things out.”

Collison is 32 and his agent has received multiple offers prior to the Orlando restart. The Lakers could definitely use his talent on the floor. They play without Avery Bradley and Rajon Rondo.