ESPN Predicts This Patriots Player Will Have Bounce-Back Season In 2020

The New England Patriots are expected to have a bounce back season this year in 2020. This whole 2020 year has been a struggle for everyone. Sadly, the season did not end for the Patriots like most fans wanted. This year, they are hope that things will turn out better for the boys in blue.

According to ESPN, this might be more than just a pipe dream. Julian Edelman had a nice season last year. According to one writer for ESPN, Mike Reiss, he could have an even better season this year.

Edelman had a career high in receiving yards at 1,117 and also caught 100 passes for only the 2nd time in his New England career. He also had a total of 6 touchdowns, leading the team. With that being said, he didn’t really look like himself throughout the season.

He had a total of 10 drops and only had an average 3.3 yards after catching, according to Pro Football Focus. This was surely in some part due to past injuries. But still, he thinks he can do better this coming season with Cam Newton at the help.

ESPN Predicts This Patriots Player Will Have Bounce-Back Season In 2020

“It always starts with health, and Edelman underwent shoulder and knee surgeries after the 2019 season,” Mike Reiss said according to “So the 34-year-old go-to target is healthy again, albeit with plenty of miles on his football odometer. Something else that potentially might help Edelman: The offense might rely less on him because of a wider diversity of targets, which could direct the considerable attention opposing defenses often paid to him elsewhere.”

Julain Edelman is a huge part of the Patriots offense. If they expect to make any noise in the NFL this year, he will surely play a huge part. However, he will need to be on the top of his game as well as healthy.

It is only a matter of time until we see if the team can make it to the Playoffs this year. The fans are definitely expecting a much better season than last year. Let’s see if they can make it happen.