LeBron James $480 Million Net Worth Dominates Kawhi Leonard in the Financial Battle for Los Angeles

NBA fans pay special attention to the battle between the greatest LA teams. LeBron James challenges Kawhi Leonard in every meaning of the word, and his net worth may be a motivation for the Clippers’ superstar.

Watching LeBron and Anthony Davis challenge Kawhi and Paul George is awesome. The Los Angeles Lakers have already defeated Kawhi’s team. The same happened inside the NBA bubble. LeBron and Davis had a better chance than their city rivals.

Kawhi Leonard can’t match LeBron James and his net worth

Kawhi helped the Toronto Raptors win a title last season. He had great success with the team, and LeBron had an awful debut with the Lakers. But, things changed a lot this season and the Lakers sit on top of the West. Kawhi left the Raptors to sign with the Clippers and his success on the floor has added a nice number to his net worth.

Spotrac’s data confirm that Kawhi signed a three-year deal worth $103 million. As of this season, Kawhi has earned $117 million. According to CelebrityNetworth, Kawhi’s overall fortune is estimated at $35 million.

This doesn’t even compare to LeBron’s $480 million. LeBron signed a four-year deal worth $153 million. According to Spotrac, his career earnings are estimated at $307 million. LeBron has signed a lot of great deals in his career, and his net worth goes as high as $480 million.

The king of basketball signed a lifelong deal with Nike. This deal alone will make LeBron a millionaire by the time he retires. He also has shares in Liverpool FC, Blaze Pizza, Beats and other brands. LeBron is pretty serious about his business and LA gives him even greater opportunities.

The three-time NBA champion doesn’t even chase his deals. People come at the office, making offers he can’t turn down. LeBron is a smart businessman, and his production company is a sign of that. He plays his business game really well, and the best has yet to come. LeBron has a few more years in the NBA and he has created a great base for his off-court deals.