LeBron James Locking Down Kawhi Leonard Becomes Viral Twitter Meme

LeBron James created another meme. The Los Angeles Lakers, and the entire NBA, are finally back in action. With the NBA bubble in full swing, Twitter is once again filled with users from all across the world putting their thoughts out and about. But one viral Twitter meme took over more than any other.

On Thursday night, The Los Angeles battled the Los Angeles Clippers. Luckily, the Lakers were able to come out on top, if by just one bucket. NBA fans from all around the world were very interested to see how the two teams would play against one another.

After 4 months off, it would be easy to see some difference in both teams. However, they looked like they were in mid season form. This might not have been the biggest story of the night, however.

One of the best parts of the game came from LeBron James and Kawhi Leonard just a few seconds before the final buzzer. After LeBron’s score, the Lakers had a 2 point lead with a few seconds to play. Kawhi Leonard was the one with the ball. LeBron was guarding Leonard and gave some championship defense that resulted in the Laker win. But before the win, Leonard went to pass the ball. When he did this, the look on his face led to a funny meme.

LeBron James Locking Down Kawhi Leonard Becomes Viral Twitter Meme

Here are some of the memes that Twitter is known for.

Another one.

These are pretty good. Luckily, the Lakers were able to pull out the victory eventually. Otherwise, this meme might not have been quite as funny.

The Lakers are looking good going into the bubble so far. They are easily one of the favorites to win the Western conference and could even compete for the title.

With memes like this, it might feel like a normal NBA season again very soon. It is very nice to get some humor back after such a long hiatus. Hopefully the Laker’s winning ways will continue before the playoffs begin. Fans are definitely expecting a better ending than last season.

What do you think about these memes? Are they a distraction or some much needed comedy?