Lebron James Once Revealed the Simplest Secret To His Incredible Success

LeBron James is one of the most successful players in the world of basketball, and he doesn’t even hide the secret of his success. King James has made a name for himself and he is brilliant on and off the court. The four-time NBA champion is in his 17th NBA season and he is on a good way to hit the next milestone.

LeBron brought success to every team he played with. The Cleveland Cavaliers won their first title thanks to LeBron’s leadership. He won two titles during his four-year tenure with the Miami Heat. LeBron is off to winning a title with the Los Angeles Lakers and his team has already won the first round of the playoffs.

LeBron’s success is not limited to the basketball court. He has earned just under $307 million in his basketball career. The king of basketball has great deal with Nike, Blaze Pizza, Beats and also owns a piece of Liverpool FC.

The Lakers superstar uses his money to keep Muhammad Ali’s legacy alive. He also co-founded SpringHill Entertainment.

LeBron James’ secret to success is simple

So, what’s his secret to success? In a video from More Than an Athlete, LeBron shared his big secret.

“What allows us to be as powerful as we are too is because we keep the main thing the main thing and that starts with me,” he said. “Like if I was a s–t basketball player, none of this would be possible. You know, if I would’ve come into the league and was like, ‘OK. Yeah, I’m the number 1 pick.’ and you know, ‘We here now. Give us it all.’ Like people would be like, ‘Get out of here.’

“Like I had to put work in. And I’m still putting in work. Because that’s just who I am. So like, we kept the main thing the main thing. The main thing is basketball, and we never lost track of that. I never lost track of that. And once that thing is taken care of, then the sky is the limit.”

LeBron and the Lakers will enter the second round of the playoff series. They will play against Houston or Oklahoma City.