LeBron James Sent Carmelo Anthony A Message Following Game 3

Los Angeles Lakers LeBron James and Portland Trail Blazers veteran Carmelo Anthony have been sharing the basketball court for two decades. They met in the first round of the NBA Western Conference playoffs.

There were some nice moments between King James and Melo on Saturday night. LeBron had an amazing performance in the big game. He helped the Lakers move up at 2-1 in the series. Well, Melo had some key plays too.

LeBron finished Game 3 with 38 points, 12 rebounds, and 8 assists. The four-time NBA MVP took to his Twitter account to deliver a message for Melo.

“And he still tryna post me up on the block too! This guy man!” the king joked.

LeBron James respects Carmelo Anthony and his efforts

Melo finished the game with 20 points and six rebounds. LA leads the Blazers in the series and the best has yet to come. LeBron’s team came to Orlando to win the title and this playoff attitude says pretty much everything you should know about LA.

LeBron liked his offensive pace. According to him, it was the best shot he has had in Orlando.

 “I just think my offensive pace tonight, at times I was fast, slow, medium-paced. It was like a stick shift,” said LeBron. “Sometimes I was in gear 1, sometimes I was in gear 6. Being able to read and react, depending on whether I had the cruise on or was in a residential area or the highway or I was on the straightaway. Being able to have a car that can go in different speeds and zones, depending on what the traffic is, is very key.”

The Lakers will have to pull out a few great performances. LeBron needs to keep the beast alive. The Lakers will need him on the court. Playoff LeBron is unstoppable and the Lakers know it.

Anthony Davis will have his contribution, too. The Blazers won’t sit still and they will probably try to even up the series 2-2. Things won’t go that easy for them. LA plays Game 4 on Monday night. It’s a big game for everyone!