LeBron James Son Bronny Trolls Joakim Noah

NBA fans know a lot about the “thing” between Los Angeles Lakers superstar small forward LeBron James and Los Angeles Clippers center Joakim Noah. Yes, we do know that these two don’t like each other. This doesn’t change the fact that Noah respects LeBron. Bronny got into the whole situation and he had something to say about Joakim Noah and his style.

One thing stands for sure, LeBron and Joakin have never exchanged pleasantries on or off the  floor. It looks like this won’t change in the near future.

LeBron, Anthony Davis and the rest of the players on the Lakers roster defeated the Clippers on Thursday by two points. This was their first seeding game, and LeBron showed everyone that he dominates the court. It was an intense game and LeBron had the final word. He put his team on top and the Lakers celebrated their first win in Orlando.

The young king, Bronny, watched the game on Twitch and did something that made people talk. LeBron’s oldest son trolled Noah for his hair, suggesting that he should get a haircut at the NBA bubble. They do have a barbershop, you know. Well, the kid even said that Noah looks homeless. This may be an innocent joke, but Clippers fans may not be that kind to Bronny.

Bronny will watch another game between his dad Joakim Noah

We are used to seeing Noah like this. The former Defensive Player of the Year won’t change his look because he likes the way it is. It was definitely hilarious to see Bronny troll Noah. He sure knows a lot about his history with LeBron.

LeBron and his teammates are playing against the Toronto Raptors on Saturday. The Lakers have the No.1 seed in the Western Conference. They will have to play smart in the next few games to make the postseason.

LeBron’s team is one of the favorites to win the championship. Anthony Davis is helping the king in the process and these two have done some really great things on the basketball court. LeBron is trying to win his fourth ring and Davis would love to put his hands on his first ring. Playing against the Toronto Raptors would be tough but LeBron likes the pressure.