Los Angeles Lakers Share Update on Rajon Rondo

The Los Angeles Lakers have been without point guard Rajon Rondo for awhile now. With the NBA finally back in its bubble, the Lakers are finally making their way towards an NBA finals appearance. This would be the first time in a long time that they have even had a winning record.

But it might be easier if they can get Rajon Rondo back on the court. Lakers head coach Frank Vogel gave some news about Rondo while talking with reporters recently.

“He’s definitely going to come back into the bubble very soon,” head coach Frank Vogel said. “I think he’s making his way to Florida tomorrow and will spend a certain period of time outside of the bubble before he’s reintegrated inside of the bubble.”

Rondo broke his thumb very early in the NBA bubble. He has yet to play in a game as the injury happened during a practice. Most people around the Lakers gave a time at around 6 to 8 weeks. Vogel said that he thought he would be back in the second round of the Playoffs.

Los Angeles Lakers Share Update on Rajon Rondo

“We’re very confident that he’ll be able to get back and be a major factor for us in our playoff run,” Vogel said.

He was a key part of the Lakers’ offense. In his absence, Dion Waiters has stepped up to the task.

“Me, it’s still just trying to be aggressive,” Waiters explained. “Be who I am. Attack, make plays for myself and others. I know my rhythm gonna come. I know my shot gonna fall eventually. But if I’m doing the little things right now, and just trying to get that rhythm and gain momentum into the playoffs, I’ll be fine. I’m not worried about my shot. I know that’s gonna fall eventually. And just continue to keep working. But I’m doing all the little things, getting to the basket, creating, just the little things.”

It is great to hear that Rajon Rondo is eyeing his return as he will be a great addition to the number 1 seeded Lakers. We will have to see what kind of an impact he can have coming back from an injury.