Patriots Captain David Andrews Made His Decision For Season 2020

The New England Patriots captain David Andrews has come out with a decision for the 2020 season. Many eyes are watching as more and more players are deciding to opt out of this season. The COVID-19 situation is getting worse instead of better and it is taking its toll on the NFL.

Several New England Patriots players have already opted out of the season. This is both concerning but also understandable. Head Coach Bill Belichick has already come out and said that he will give his blessing to any player’s decision.

“We all have to make decisions,” Belichick said to reporters during a call. “I talked to those guys and they explained their situation, and they had to make the decision that was best for them, and I totally respect and support it 100 percent.”

Now the captain of the team, David Andrews has come out with his decision.

Patriots Captain David Andrews Made His Decision For Season 2020

“It’s something obviously we all have to think about and make our own choices,” Andrews said during a call on Sunday. “My choice has been made, and it’s something I feel comfortable with. To have the opportunity to go out and play, talking with doctors and my wife, it’s something we feel comfortable with. I’m just excited to get the chance to go out there and compete again.”

“You obviously have to talk about it, right? I mean, it’s something we’ve never faced,” he continued. “Not that I ever can really remember having to deal with something like this – especially as a grown-up. I mean, you’ve got to talk about it, and obviously me and my wife have. I’ve made a decision that we feel comfortable with, and like I said, I’m just super ecstatic to get this thing going here.”

“A lot of guys now are going to have a lot of great opportunities,” said Andrews. “I kind of think about how I got my start in this league with guys being banged-up. Different circumstances, but I got an opportunity that maybe I wouldn’t have if guys were healthy at times. A lot of young guys now, and younger players are going to have big opportunities. Just got to take them and run with them.”