Photos: LeBron James Incredible And Luxurious Hall-Of-Fame Watch Collection

It is nice to see LeBron James watch collection once again. These are some of the most luxurious watches one can buy. It’s no wonder he is wanting to show these off to the world. We all know that LeBron is arguably the best NBA player of all time, it should come as no surprise that he can have whatever he wants.

Here is one of the watches he was seen wearing.

This is called the Patek Philippe Nautilus, a very famous and luxurious watch maker from the 1970s.

Here is another one.

This one is called the the Richard Mille RM 11-03, a high-grade sports watch which has been seen around professional sports for awhile now.

This one is called the Richard Mille RM 11-03 “Jean Todt”

Photos: LeBron James Incredible And Luxurious Hall-Of-Fame Watch Collection

This one is a bit more special, as it is a original made just for LeBron James. It is called the Audemars Piguet Royal Oak Offshore “LeBron James.” It is pretty cool to be able to say that a watch is named after you.

It looks like LeBron likes to keep his apperances up to date. These watches only go to prove that he knows the look that he is going for. Most of these are probably a one of a kind type of watch that only the super rich could afford.

In the past, LeBron has said which watches he likes to wear based on the occasion. Usually we can see the watch that he is sporting in the pregame pictures that come out. Let’s just say, he likes to keep things classy.

Hopefully his watch collection won’t keep him too preoccupied, as the NBA season is finally back underway after a 4 month break. The Los Angeles Lakers were able to pull out a close victory against the Clippers on Thursday night, thanks to LeBron. He scored the game winning bucket with only a few seconds left on the clock.

The NBA bubble is different but hopefully it doesn’t change too many things. A championship in this bizarre year would be a nice ending that many are looking forward to.