Skip Bayless Finds New Way To Discredit LeBron James

Skip Bayless decided to discredit Los Angeles Lakers superstar LeBron James. Again. Well, every NBA fan knows that Bayless is not a fan of LeBron. He has nothing but criticism for the three-time NBA champion. Need a doubter? Contact Bayless and he will not stop criticizing LeBron.

The whole thing started in 2003 when LeBron joined the NBA as a first-round selection for the Cleveland Browns. Most of the comments Bayless made lean towards the dark side. LeBron is the greatest basketball player of all time, and everyone knows that. But, Bayless will never admit it. He will never say that LeBron is the GOAT. He will say the same thing even after LeBron wins his 10th title. Just saying. LeBron is not the only target Bayless has. He has had the same attitude towards many other athletes. But, we can’t ignore the fact that LeBron is his least favorite player. You can tell that by the way he showers him in criticism.

Skip Bayless likes to discredit LeBron James

Skip showed his “love” for LeBron once again during his discussion with Shannon Sharpe on Undisputed. They talked about how LeBron finished 17 NBA seasons with over 1,500 points. This is definitely a brilliant accomplishment for LeBron, but Bayless decided to go all over it.

According to Bayless, Michael Jordan’s worst points total in a season was only passed by King James once. If by any chance you haven’t noticed, Bayless likes to compare LeBron and MJ. Got the main point, right?

“Let’s provide context. Jordan’s worst season of points scored was 2,313 in his rookie year,” Bayless said. “Only one time did LeBron eclipse that number, and that came in 2006 when he scored his career-high.”

This is just a regular discussion on Undisputed. Sharpe had to hear Bayless make his awful remarks on LeBron. He is used to this. Critics are here to speak their mind and LeBron is here to prove them wrong.

LeBron and the Lakers will enter the postseason on Tuesday. They have clinched the top seed in the West, and have a good chance to win the NBA championship.