Watch: Anthony Davis Picks It Off And Makes It A House Call Vs Denver Nuggets

The Los Angeles Lakers found themselves in the middle of a shootout for the first time in the Orlando bubble as noted by Sam Quinn from CBS Sports. The game was 31-25 in their favor after the first quarter. Anthony Davis was leading the way on 6-of-8 shooting for 12 points in the challenge vs Denver Nuggets. For comparison, Michael Porter Jr. scored 11 points. However, he hasn’t missed a shot. Both teams have so much to do right now, and they won’t get anything done with minimum effort.

The Lakers have only attempted four 3-pointers, but this is more than brilliant for those who are worried about their offense.

LeBron James, Davis and the rest of the guys have clinched the top seed in the Western Conference. The Nuggets will try to clinch the No.3 seed. In other words, both teams should have a nice and smooth game as there aren’t any direct stakes to it. Neither franchise has to win the game.

Well, the NBA playoffs are right around the corner, so both teams are probably in search of the identity and rhythm that helped them win games prior to the NBA hiatus. This game is nothing but an indicator of their readiness.

Anthony Davis is brilliant in the challenge vs Nuggets

Davis surprised everyone and gave fans a reason to cheer up with his house call. The Lakers big man picked off the ball and made a house call. It was a brilliant splash of power and the Lakers will need more of this in the next couple of months.

The former New Orleans Pelicans superstar came to LA to win a ring and help LeBron win a championship. Although he looked a bit off-guard in the past few games, Davis is more than ready to keep his promise and make the top as a Lakers player.

Will Jeanie Buss convince him to stay in 2021? Davis will enter the open market and a lot of teams will try to sign him. Davis hasn’t really made a statement on this. He is focused on the playoffs, and that’s the only priority at the moment.