Watch: Bill Belichick Addresses On Why Patriots Signed Cam Newton

The New England Patriots signed Cam Newton during this off season. This came as a surprise for many people around the organization. Some though that this wasn’t the right move while others thought it was a great move.

Recently, head coach Bill Belichick explained why he wanted to sign the quarterback to replace the legendary Tom Brady. He was very careful not to talk too much about Newton’s play on the field or his accomplishments.

“Things worked out. We spent quite a bit of time with Cam, and he spent quite a bit of time with us. I think it was a mutual interest. We spent quite a bit of – a number of different people and a number of different conversations, just trying to see how the fit would be. It was very positive on our end. I’m glad it worked out.”

It was quite obvious that the Patriots did not have the best situation at quarterback going into the 2020 season. With Tom Brady, the Patriots were left with a very shaky core at the most important position on the field.

Newton was signed to only a year contract for a base salary of $1.05 million. If he does well and meets all the requirements, he can make a total of $7.5 million. This would still be a pretty good deal for a quarterback position.

Watch: Bill Belichick Addresses On Why Patriots Signed Cam Newton

“I mean, we don’t know. It wasn’t that way,” Belichick said. “I don’t know if it’d been different if it would have happened differently. don’t know. I don’t see why it would have, but I’m not sure.”

They then asked him about the starting position and he answered in the typical way.

“I think that’s about the same as all the other spots on the team,” Belichick said. “We got a long way to go and we’ll see how things turn out. I can’t control how players perform – that’s up to them. We’ll give everybody an opportunity and see what happens. So, we don’t know.”

The Patriots have a big season ahead of them. It will be very interesting to see how it turns out.