Watch: JaVale McGee Reveals How Lakers Celebrated Kyle Kuzma’s Birthday Inside the Orlando Bubble

The Los Angeles Lakers won their first seeding game. Their city rivals had no chance on the floor, and LeBron James confirmed what we already knew. He is the king of basketball and he sets the tone for the game. NBA players are getting used to their life inside the Orlando bubble. Some of them will have to celebrate their birthday in Orlando surrounded by other basketball players. Lakers young talent Kyle Kuzma celebrated his birthday in the NBA bubble and his teammates threw up a nice party.

Right after defeating Kawhi Leonard and the Los Angeles Clippers, JaVale McGee gave viewers a new VLOG episode from inside the Orlando bubble. McGee likes to keep fans informed. He shares details of his activities inside the bubble. The veteran sticks to a certain pattern in his videos. He wakes up in the morning, enjoys breakfast and does his regular workout, and then trains. That’s not all. McGee also shares other details of players’ lives inside the bubble.

Lakers players have fun inside the Orlando bubble

In the latest episode, we could see footage from the scrimmage game against the Dallas Mavericks. The Lakers lost this game but it was good practice for the team. They got together to celebrate Kuzma’s 25th birthday. The talented player was born on July 24.

So, how did players celebrate Kuzma’s birthday? According to McGee, it was a “pizza party.” On his way to the birthday celebration, McGee talked about Winnie Harlow’s present for Kuzma. The gorgeous girl surprised her boyfriend with a big message up in the sky. Harlow had a plane fly the message right above the bubble in Orlando and everyone saw it. This was a really great way to surprise Kuzma and McGee was super excited about it.

Harlow has made a name for herself in the world of fashion. McGee and Danny Green have come up with a new nickname for Kuzma. They call him “Hollywood Kuz.” Yes, it’s just a joke between the teammates. Harlow is a celebrity and McGee likes to tease his younger teammate a little. They have a really good time in the bubble and these videos show it all.