Watch: LeBron James Reacts to Viral Video of Black Family Mistakenly Arrested

There is a video of LeBron James going around that we can all relate to. The Los Angeles Lakers are struggling badly so far in the NBA bubble. So far, they are not looking like a championship team. This is concerning as most people around the NBA agree that they are one of the favorites to make it to the NBA Finals. But there are more things on their minds than winning a title.

Apparently, winning in the bubble is harder than it sounds.

“It’s a totally different situation than any other situation I’ve been in in my career,” James said. “So I have zero experience with having the No. 1 seed inside of a bubble during seeding games, playing in August. So this is all a learning experience for all of us, and we’re going to take it day by day, continue to work our habits either out on the floor, during the film session, when we able to get on the floor as well. But this is a totally different season, a totally different, drastic situation for all of us, including myself.” 

Being away from his family is also hard for him.

“I miss the hell out of my family,” James said previously. “My wife, my kids, my mother, and so on, and so on. So, it’s a huge challenge.”  

He also had some choice words after a video surfaced of a black family being mistakenly arrested.

LeBron has been talking about the BLM movement for awhile. He definitely agrees with what they are saying.

“A lot of people kind of use this analogy, talking about Black Lives Matter as a movement. It’s not a movement,” James said.. “When you’re Black, it’s not a movement. It’s a lifestyle. We sit here and say it’s a movement, and, OK, how long is this movement going to last? ‘Don’t stop the movement.’ No, this is a walk of life. When you wake up and you’re Black, that is what it is. It shouldn’t be a movement. It should be a lifestyle. This is who we are. …

“I don’t like the word ‘movement’ because, unfortunately, in America and in society, there ain’t been no damn movement for us. There ain’t been no movement.”

What do you think about what he said?