Bill Belichick Cracks Joke on Patriots Emergency Quarterback

Bill Belichick is not known for jokes but he had to crack one about the New England Patriots emergency quarterback. The Patriots are finishing up their off season. And it was some off season. It seems like they were involved in just about every trade or move that happened. This is likely because they are trying to shuffle things around after the disappointing 2019 season.

One of those moves was signing former NFL MVP Cam Newton. Newton has been up and down in his NFL career. However, still, most people agree that it was a pretty good move. He has since officially been named the starter and has been huge in training camp. Bill Belichick talked about what he saw.

“I can see why he had the kind of success he had at Auburn and Carolina,” Belichick. “Talking to people who were with him there, the things they said about him at Auburn and at Carolina from a decade ago or two to three years ago or even last year, it’s all the same and it showed up here. He’s an extremely hard worker. Nobody works harder than Cam does. He’s here early, he stays late, and he works very hard.”

Bill Belichick Cracks Joke on Patriots Emergency Quarterback

But Belichick was recently asked about a specific move in the QB room and had a hilarious response.

Well, there you have it. One of the rare Belichick jokes. He can keep them coming if he wants. However, he most likely does have a lot on his mind right now with the start of the season coming up very soon.

Belichick has had his eye on the quarterback situation and talked about it in the past.

“Some players like to work on things they’re good at, like, if you’re strong on the bench press you just throw more weight on the bench,” Belichick said. “But Cam works on things he’s not as good at and tries to improve on a daily basis. That’s something I really respect about him. That’s not easy for players or really any of us to do. We’ll get something we’re not really good at — or it’s not our strength — and you spend extra time on it when our natural tendency is to do things we’re good at.”