Bill Belichick Gives Priceless 1-Word Response To Atmosphere Question

Head coach of the New England Patriots Bill Belichick recently came out with a response to an atmosphere question and it was golden. The Patriots just got done taking down the Miami Dolphins in week one of the NFL season. Fans around Patriots nation have been waiting for the bounce back for a long time. And it was a great game to watch for Patriot fans.

Cam Newton was able to take over with his legs and the running game. Newton pushed in 3 rushing TD’s against the Miami defense. It was a change, that is for sure. After 2 decades of Tom Brady, it was definitely a big difference. Brady left the Patriots for Tampa Bay over the off season.

They lost their first game against the New Orleans Saints on Sunday afternoon. It was amazing to see the Patriots win their first game without Brady in week one. Hopefully it can continue.

Bill Belichick Gives Priceless 1-Word Response To Atmosphere Question

The Bill Belichick team, who is now headed by former NFL MVP Cam Newton, was able to take down the Miami Dolphins 21-11 on Sunday. It must have been a huge confidence booster for the boys in blue. They were wondering how the offense was going to look.

The Patriots, as well as the rest of the entire NFL, other than the Jaguars – played in front of zero fans a Gillette Stadium in Week 1. From the sounds of it, almost all of the stadiums will be empty this year due to the COVID pandemic.

After the game against the Miami Dolphins, head coach Bill Belichick was asked about the game sounds and stadium noise. His response was just what you would expect.

“What was the atmosphere like in the stadium without fans there? Can you compare it to anything else you’ve experienced in your football career?” the reporter asked him.

“Practice,” Belichick said sternly.

It is definitely a funny exchange. But at the same time, it is pretty true. The Patriots need to be ready for the different atmospheres in different stadiums this year. What do you think about his response?