Bill Belichick Responds to The Offseason Aqib Talib Report

The New England Patriots were related with a lot of players this season. Some of them didn’t even come any close to the Patriots roster. Head coach Bill Belichick discussed Aqib Talib and his chances to become a Patriot. Well, he actually provided a typical Bill Belichick response.

Earlier in September, Talib appeared on a podcast to talk about his signing with the Patriots. First, he was confident about signing with the team and covering tight ends. But, the situation changed overnight.

“I was halfway out the door,” Talib said on. “Call to the Booth.”

The Patriots game schedule is pretty tough and Talib changed his mind. He decided to retire.

“Usually, when I get in this position and I’m going to a new team, my thoughts are all positive,” Talib said. “This time, I looked at this [expletive] schedule and the thought — I said, ‘Can I even strap these damn tight ends?’ I said, ‘Oh [expletive]. It’s over with. Once I said that, once that negative thought crossed my mind, man, my heart, my competitive edge, I ain’t really in it no more.”

Bill Belichick has an expected response to Aqib Talib rumors

The 34-year-old retired from the league after a 12-year career. Talib spent a year and a half with the Patriots.

When asked about Talib’s comments, Belichick didn’t deny any of it.

“I have a lot of conversations with a lot of people,” the head coach said. “I’ll keep my comments to any players that are currently on the roster.”

New England will host Darren Waller and the Las Vegas Raiders in Week 3. They will play against one of the tight ends Talib got worried about. Well, Pats players are willing to accept the challenge and they are already making some plans to defeat the Raiders.

Offensive coordinator Josh McDaniels and the offense will take a completely different approach this time. Newton is a great runner, but the rest of the guys need to work on their numbers.

Newton has had excellent performance in the first two games with the Patriots. He needs to replicate this success.