Cam Newton Explains What Went Wrong On Last Play Of Patriots-Seahawks Thriller

Cam Newton has explained what he thinks went wrong on their last play during their thriller against the Seattle Seahawks. The Patriots have been very busy trying to get their team ready for the season.

Newton has been pretty good so far this season. Take a look at the final play of last nights game. There was obviously something wrong and Newton talked about this after the game.

“It was a great play by them,” Newton said. “That’s a play we had favored in the game plan. We ran it a couple times. I just think we probably went to the well a few too many times, but at the end of the day, I’d say I felt confident about it. We’ve just got to execute.

“And I could have bounced it (outside), looking at the clip. I’ve just got to be better. I’ve just got to be better here at the end. We put ourselves in a position to win, and when you do that, you’ve just got to finish, and we didn’t do that today.”

Cam Newton Explains What Went Wrong On Last Play Of Patriots-Seahawks Thriller

“I just didn’t make everybody right, and that’s the only thing I regret,” he said. “In that type of situation, it’s humbling to be able to have the respect of a team, to have the ball in my hands. I’ve just got to deliver.

“I saw a clip of it. We could have made it right by just bouncing it. I was just trying to be patient. We were just thinking too much, man. Or even diving over the top. There’s so many different things that flashed over me. And playing a fast defense like that, as soon as you guess, you’re wrong.

“So I’ll definitely learn from this. The play was there. The play was there all game. And moving forward, we’ve just got to scheme up things, and hopefully if we’re put in that situation again, we can have a better outcome.”

“It was something to build on, definitely,” he said. “But I feel as if, put in that situation, I’ve got to be better. That’s just simple.”