Cam Newton Had Another Impressive Outfit Before Game vs Raiders

Cam Newton had another interesting outfit. The New England Patriots are currently taking on the Las Vegas Raiders and have a nice lead going into halftime. It has been great to see the team get back on track after a disappointing 2019 season. They went into the week 3 game with a record of 1-1. Hopefully they are able to get back into the win column today against the Raiders.

One of the reasons for the success is due to Cam Newton. He has been a great spark for this team so far this season. The Patriots needed a big change after the 2019 season. It was obvious that Tom Brady and New England needed to part ways. And Newton has come in in a big way and with a chip on his shoulder. Head coach Bill Belichick has been very impressed with him so far.

“He’s come in and do everything we’ve asked him to do,” Belichick said. “He works had. He’s obviously a very talented player and looking forward to continue to work with him. We’ll just take it day-by-day, but he’s given us everything he’s had and we’ve tried to put the team in the best position we can competitively. We’ll see how that all comes out. I’m sure a lot of things will change as the season goes along. We are where we are for right now and just keep trying to get better every day.”

Cam Newton Had Another Impressive Outfit Before Game vs Raiders

Well, Newton’s football is not the only good thing about him. We have also seen his keen sense of style since joining the Patriots. He had another keeper before the Patriots week 3 matchup with the Raiders. Take a look:

He definitely likes his hats. Newton has been pretty good in the first half. Hopefully the Patriots can keep it up and can take the victory.

Newton had a total of 90 yards with one touchdown in the first half against the Raiders. The offense definitely helped them keep the lead in the half. The defense struggled a bit but should be okay going forward.

What do you think of his outfit?