Cam Newton Just Confirmed Other NFL Teams’ Worst Nightmare About the Patriots

Cam Newton had a great Week 1 for the New England Patriots and it sounds like he is keeping his eye on the prize. The Patriots were very proactive in making sure that they would be successful in 2020. So far, it looks like the signings that they made this year worked. They won their Week 1 game versus their AFC East rivals the Miami Dolphins. And a lot of the success was thanks to Cam Newton.

When Tom Brady walked over the Tampa Bay, a lot of fans thought that the Patriots were done. But then Bill Belichick and the Patriots managed to sign Cam Newton for almost nothing. That gave Patriot fans hope for the future seasons, even without Tom Brady and the helm.

Now, on Sunday, it seems like Cam Newton has confirmed the nightmares of rivals which is great for Patriot fans. The Patriots came into this season with huge question marks on the future. The biggest question mark was surrounding the QB position after Brady left for Tampa.

Cam Newton Just Confirmed Other NFL Teams’ Worst Nightmare About the Patriots

Bill Belichick talked about Newton in the past, confirming what we all thought.

“I have learned a lot about Cam,” Belichick explained. “I had never really had any interaction with Cam, and then when we signed him, we had some phone calls and WebEx meetings and stuff like that.

“Being with him every day, he’s an extremely hard-working player,” Belichick continued. “First guy in, last one out type of guy. He really has studied hard and he has spent a lot of extra time trying to learn our offense and our communication and our calls, and nomenclature and so forth. Yeah, I’ve been very impressed with that. He’s done a good job of picking it up. He’s a very skilled athlete and we’re just working through it day-by-day.”

Cam Newton proved that he is able to lead the Patriots, even after such a huge loss in Tom Brady. the Patriots are in good hand and it should be so for years to come.

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