Cam Newton Reveals Nicknames For Several Patriots Players

Cam Newton has officially come out with several nicknames for different players on the New England Patriots. Newton played very well in game 1 versus the Miami Dolphins. And this was expected. If we went by what was said about him in the off season, it should come as now surprise that he was able to do what he did. Just take a look at what head coach Bill Belichick said about the team and Newton after the game.

“It’s like scrimmaging the Titans, or scrimmaging Detroit, or scrimmaging the teams that we scrimmage,” said Belichick. “I mean there were a few fans there, but basically there are no fans there and it’s just competition. There’s some energy from your teammates and your own energy. It is what is. That’s what it’s like out there in practice, there are no fans either.”

“I thought the players were in good condition,” Belichick explained. “I thought conditioning was a big factor for us, so that’s a credit to their hard work, and we stepped up and made some big plays when we needed to throughout the game.”

Cam Newton Reveals Nicknames For Several Patriots Players

Now it sounds like Newton is starting to become more of the team. He has now come out with several nicknames for different players of the Patriots. This could be a huge deal in the locker room. Do you agree?

Here are some of the nicknames that Newton has come out with.

Here is what they are referring to:

Dirty Dave: David Andrews
Smokin’ Joe: Joe Thuney
Winnie the Pooh: Isaiah Wynn
Burky: Rex Burkhead
Twin No. 1, Twin No. 2: Devin and Jason McCourty
Bent Dog: JaWhaun Bentley

These are high level nicknames and it is obvious that Newton has put some though into these. He is definitely trying to get on the good side of some of his teammate and it shows.

Newton has come into the Patriots with a high degree of confidence. Now it is obvious that his teammates are very happy with what he brings to the field. What do you think about these nicknames that Newton came up with?