Cam Newton Shares ‘Behind-The-Scenes’ Look At First Patriots Gameday

Cam Newton was impressive in his first game with the New England Patriots. The team celebrated the Week 1 win over the Miami Dolphins. Well, Newton even surprised fans with photos of his gameday preparations.

Newton came to Gillette Stadium to win. His team had a pedestrian 357 total yards. The 2015 NFL MVP completed 15 of his 19 passes and didn’t throw an interception. Pats didn’t play any preseason games to establish rhythm and chemistry on the offense, but this game was more than awesome.

In his interview with WEEI Radio, Newton said that the people who doubted him as a started quarterback are now “driving him.”

“For any person that’s forgotten, yeah I do feel disrespected to a degree,” Newton said. “And that’s making me even more loyal and excited (to play) for the Patriots for giving me an opportunity.”

The quarterback plays a different style. Unlike Tom Brady, Newton runs. He ran 15 times for 75 yards and two touchdowns.

Cam Newton likes his time with the Patriots

Newton looked all healthy for the first time in a while. In his last two seasons with the Carolina Panthers, Newton struggled with foot and shoulder injuries. Things are are a lot different in New England. The veteran enjoys playing for head coach Bill Belichick.

“It’s just been therapeutic,” Newton said. “Obviously, there were a lot of stereotypes coming in, too. I mentioned this yesterday with my family members, and I’ll share it with you guys. I had two battles that I wanted to kind of achieve yesterday.

“Number one, that was to win the football game. That was the battle, and we won the battle. And then I think the war for me was just to get the respect of my teammates, knowing that they can have a person that they can trust and depend on when the times get tough.”

Newton and the Patriots will travel to Seattle to confront the Seahawks. Offensive coordinator Josh McDaniels and his team will probably change their gameplan. The Seahawks defeated the Atlanta Falcons in Week 1. Newton will place against Jamal Adams. Russell Wilson and his teammates are no joke.