Cam Newton Shares ‘Behind-The-Scenes’ Look At Patriots-Raiders Gameday

The New England Patriots defeated the Las Vegas Raiders at Gillette Stadium, and veteran quarterback Cam Newton had the perfect gameday. Well, he didn’t really have the best game of the season. It was more like a stylish gameday.

Patriots players played really well against Las Vegas, finishing the game with a 35-20 magic. New England moved to 2-1 on the season, and the Kansas City Chiefs are next on the list.

Newton knows how to make a good impression. The 2015 NFL MVP arrived at Gillette Stadium all dressed up. He took to his Instagram account to share photos of his perfect outfit.

Patriots fans will definitely love the “behind-the-scenes” photos Newton provided. There are images from before, during and after the win over the Raiders.

Cam Newton to have another brilliant gameday

Many NFL analysts would agree that Newton should receive a higher paycheck. Teddy Bridgewater has his $33 million guaranteed on the $63 million deal. Philip Rivers left the open market in five seconds and earned $25 million. The same applies to Nathan Peterman, Matt Schaub, Geno Smith, Matt Barkley, Andy Dalton, and Chase Daniel.

Newton got the veteran minimum. If he continues on his current path, he will sure make NFL general managers regret their decision to pass him. He plays really well, and the Patriots have won a game even on his bad days. New England was the only team to offer Newton a deal. Yes, Newton may not be getting his MVP award as Patrick Mahomes, Russell Wilson or Aaron Rodgers. But, he is definitely an amazing player with a lot of talent.

The Carolina Panthers released Newton in March. He was dealing with too many injuries and missed too many games. NFL teams ignored Newton for three months before the Patriots signed him.

New England didn’t have too much money to offer Newton a better deal. But, he didn’t join the team for the money. He did it for respect. Head coach Bill Belichick was well aware of Newton’s powers. He told his agent that if the veteran doesn’t unleash his MVP game, the team would offer one million. Let’s see what happens by the end of the season.