Draymond Green Destroys Paul Pierce Over Criticism About LeBron James

Paul Pierce sure uses his free time to blast Los Angeles Lakers superstar LeBron James. Well, this didn’t sit well with Draymond Green and other NBA players.

The Warriors superstar made headlines again, and this time he destroyed the former Boston Celtics player. Pierce went a little bit too far with his anti-LeBron comments. NBA fans don’t like it at all.

Pierce spent a season in Washington late in his basketball career. He said that players in the NBA today are scared of King James, adding that his generation was never scared.

Paul Pierce learned his LeBron James lesson

Green belongs to the current generation of basketball players. He plays against the four-time NBA MVP and hearing this from Pierce was awful. Green took to his Instagram stories and called out Pierce. His message was loud and clear, and hopefully, Pierce will get this. Green told the NBA legend to shut up and enjoy his retirement. Classy.

“Enjoy retirement man… You still fear Bron… Shut up already! We get it!” Green wrote.

Green and Pierce have been involved in a thing in the past. Their history of trash talk has been making the hottest headlines. Their mutual dislike is more than obvious. Green is defending himself and the Lakers superstar from Pierce and we totally understood it.

NBA fans enjoy watching stars take part in an exchange of this type. Green expanded his presence during TV coverage in the postseason, so his platform is pretty huge. The Golden State Warriors didn’t play this season, and Green used his free time to expand his army of fans and followers. The Golden State had an awful season and they didn’t even get a chance to make the top.

LA has won the Western Conference Finals over the Denver Nuggets. Players are now preparing for the NBA Finals. The Lakers are making the Finals for the first time since 2010. Kobe Bryant was the last leader to win a championship as a Laker. LeBron is here to keep his legacy alive.