JR Smith Has Perfect Reaction to Clippers Collapsing

JR Smith had the perfect response for the Los Angeles Clippers collapsing. The Clippers blew a 3-1 lead against the Denver Nuggets and lost game 7 in shocking fashion. The sad thing is, it was not even close to a victory for them. It seems almost like they gave up completely. Kawhi Leonard and Paul George failed to do much of anything at all. And this was surprising considering that many NBA pundits picked them for the Finals.

The Los Angeles Lakers officially know who they will be facing in the Western Conference Finals now. The Denver Nuggets are very good. It is apparent that Coach Mike Malone knows how to coach this team given what they did against the Clippers. But can they beat the Lakers? We will have to wait and see.

It should be a great series for the two teams. The Lakers definitely have the Nuggets beat on the talent front. But that does not mean much, as we saw against the Clippers. JR Smith, a former LeBron teammate, had some smack to talk about the Clippers after their loss.

JR Smith Has Perfect Reaction to Clippers Collapsing

He had the perfect response to the Clippers meltdown. Take a look at the tweet he sent out shortly after the game

Paul George tried to downplay the loss. He talked about it after the game.

“I think internally, we always felt this was not a championship-or-bust year for us,” George said.

But it was an obvious disappointment for the Clippers. They were definitely expected to get the the Western Conference Finals. And many around the league thought that they would beat their in town rivals the Lakers. But that did not happen. Now, many are wondering where they will go from here.

The Clippers have always struggled to get very far within the NBA Playoffs. And it looks like that struggle will now continue. Hopefully the Lakers are able to keep their head in it.

What do you think about the loss from the Clippers? Do you think that the Los Angeles Lakers have a change to beat the Denver Nuggets?