Julian Edelman Celebrates Win Over Raiders With Epic Instagram Post

The New England Patriots defeated the Las Vegas Raiders with a beautiful game, and players have every right to celebrate the great achievement. Bill Belichick’s team is 2-1 at this point in the season. Players are probably planning their next game, and the Kansas City Chiefs are next on their list. Of course, wideout Julian Edelman took some time to celebrate the big win and his Instagram post made us smile. As usual.

Edelman likes to surprise his fans with his traditional postgame posts, and this one is out of this world. The veteran wideout  is definitely ready for Kansas City. Patriots are off to a road game.

Julian Edelman will keep those Instagram posts coming

New England did a good job in Week 3, and Edelman had two receptions for 23 yards.

Some thought that Edelman’s motivation was beginning to wane heading into the regular season. Tom Brady is out for good, and Edelman already has three rings. Was he really excited about this season?

New England welcomed a new starting quarterback, and Edelman had too many injuries to take care of. His knee injury is still here, but Edelman insists of carrying most of the game.

“Honestly, this has been a grind,” Edelman said in August. “We’ve been having six days of practices — or usually, you’d have four days off, or four days on, a day off, you break up when you start playing other teams in the preseason. This has been a straight grind the whole time.”

Edelman is in his 12th year, and he had the privilege to take some days off. He had to take care of the wear and tear on his body. Edelman has done that for the first time in his career, and fans approve.

The wideout likes to compete and football is his greatest passion. He loves the Patriots locker room and his friendship with other players. injuries won’t stop him from giving his best, and new England can definitely use some help in the process of winning the Super Bowl.