Julian Edelman Shares Familiar Message After Patriots Victory

The New England Patriots played really well in their season opener against the Miami Dolphins. It was beautiful and veteran wideout Julian Edelman delivered a message for his friends, teammates and rivals right after the great Patriots victory.

The 2018 Super Bowl MVP played his usual game in the season-opening victory over Miami. He was able to catch five passes for 57 yards from Cam Newton while rushing one time for extra 23 yards.

Edelman took to his Instagram account to share his usual message.

“1-0,” the caption read. “Time to get back to work.”

Julian Edelman contributed to the Patriots victory

NBA analysts were really impressed with Julian Edelman’s 25-yard run and his “unsportsmanlike conduct.”

This was actually the first play on the drive after Miami made it 14-11. Their big success was gone in a minute. The Dolphins failed to contain the edge. This is not the first time for them to do something like this. A CBS analyst pointed the finger at safety Eric Rowe and he really took a big angle. However, there was nobody else from the front seven to stop Jules from going outside on the end-round.

When it comes to Jerome Baker’s late hit out of bounds, that was really hard because he was chasing the play and somehow lost track of the sideline. The contact wasn’t that big but Edelman “sold it” with a little acting job. This particular play took the Patriots from its 25 to the Miami 367.

Edelman is a veteran leader of the team despite the fact that he isn’t a team captain this year. Head coach Bill Belichick likes having him around and these plays are the best proof of that. Edelman is proud of his team and everything they have accomplished. Unlike Tom Brady and his Tampa Bay Buccaneers, Edelman and the Pats won their season opener.

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1-0. Time to get back to work.

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New England prepares for a road game against the Seattle Seahawks. Seattle is not a threat to Edelman’s team. Jules and his teammates better prepare for the real threat that comes with the Buffalo Bills.