Lakers Coach Argues With Clippers Fan, Downplays Threat of Kawhi Leonard

The Los Angeles Lakers are down playing the threat of Kawhi Leonard in the NBA Playoffs. The Lakers have officially moved on the the Western Conference Finals. This will be the first year in many that they have made it this far. And most of it is thanks to LeBron James who is the star player.

But it has been a team effort for the most part. The Lakers would not have won without the help of the others on the team as well. Fans around the Lakers nation are ready to see what they are able to do going further in the playoffs. They just got done with their series versus the Houston Rockets. The Lakers lost the first game but then came back with 4 wins in a row.

This was huge for the confidence of the team. It did seem rather familiar, however. The Lakers also lost the first game to the Portland Trail Blazers before winning 4 in a row.

Lakers Coach Argues With Clippers Fan, Downplays Threat of Kawhi Leonard

But before moving on in the playoffs, even head coach of the Lakers Frank Vogel has chimed in with trash talk of his own. This could go a long way in giving the Lakers some further motivation to continue in the Playoffs.

Take a look at what coach Vogel had to say to a fan that was arguing about Kawhi’s ability before they have even moved on from the second round of the Playoffs.

It is probably pretty obvious that Vogel is not having any of this trash talk against the Lakers. And he shouldn’t, they have already taken care of business, unlike the LA Clippers have.

Vogel has talked about the team previously.

“I’m really proud of our whole team, beginning with our captains, but really top to bottom our whole roster’s commitment to the defensive end,” Vogel said after the Lakers victory against the Rockets in game 5. “Our verticality and rim protection was just special.

“From the beginning of the season our group has really committed to that end of the floor and it’s paying dividends right now.”