LeBron James Announces Winner of Lakers Madden Tournament

The Los Angeles Lakers took part in the “Madden NFL” tournament at Walt Disney World in the NBA bubble and now we have a winner. Lakers superstar LeBron James revealed the winner of the tournament in his interview with Spectrum SportsNet’s Allie Clifton.

Lakers backup guard Quinn Cook celebrated a big win over veteran small forward Markieff Morris.

“Year 1 is a wrap,” the four-time NBA MVP said. “Quinn Cook is the Super Bowl champion. His Arizona Cardinals defeated Markieff Morris and his Pittsburgh Steelers in Super Bowl I. Season 2 [started Wednesday]. … Myself and my Cleveland Browns take on Jared Dudley and his newly [relocated] Los Angeles Chargers. I was going to say San Diego but they’re now in L.A.”

“Madden 21” is already here and we believe LA players play the new game for Season 2. Will LeBron win the trophy? Maybe he will lead the Cleveland Browns to the Super Bowl. It’s his hometown team after all.

Lakers players use the Madden tournament to relax

LeBron is busy winning another title, this time in the NBA. The king and his Los Angeles Lakers have made the second round of the playoffs and they are playing Houston. The team lost Game 1 of the Western Conference semifinals. It was an awful loss but the Rockets had a good performance and moved around quickly. LeBron took notice of their style and expressed his frustration with the mistakes his team made.

Hopefully, LA won’t repeat the same mistakes in the second game. They need to win a title and losing to James Harden’s team is the least ideal scenario. The Lakers have incredible chemistry and they need to use it more to win the championship. They clinched the top seed in the West. Fans can’t wait to see them take on Houston in Game 2. It will be another wild game. Houston is pretty serious about winning and they have taken a completely different approach. Will LA find a way to control Harden? The Rockets play small-ball and their approach seems to be working.