LeBron James Hilariously Reveals Biggest Difference Since Last NBA Finals Appearance

Los Angeles Lakers small forward LeBron James made the NBA Finals thanks to his great game. The king has had success in almost every season he played in, and things got really better overtime. What’s the greatest change LeBron noticed this year?

During his interview with media members on Tuesday, LeBron talked about all the differences he experienced this postseason. Well, there’s just one major difference. His gray beard.

The three-time NBA champion said there’s more gray hair on his beard. Yes, everyone noticed that.

“How am I different today than two years ago when I entered the Finals? A little bit more gray hair in my beard.”

LeBron James to win another NBA Finals

The Golden State Warriors defeated LeBron James and the Cleveland Cavaliers in the 2018 NBA Finals. Things look really different this season. LeBron and his Lakers won the Western Conference Finals over the Denver Nuggets. The Miami Heat is their opponent for the NBA Finals.

LeBron and Anthony Davis click really well together. LA enters Game 1 of the NBA Finals with a 12-3 record in the playoffs. Guess what… Miami has the same record. Lakers players have to be more careful this time.

King James spent four years in Miami, and he knows how things work down there. Pat Riley criticized him a lot in the past, mostly because LeBron decided to leave Miami and go back to Cleveland. So, LeBron will have to make a really good case this time.

If LeBron wins the title at Walt Disney World and the Finals MVP award, he will be the only player in league history to win a title and Finals MVP with three different franchises.