LeBron James Reaches Milestone, Passes Ray Allen in NBA Record Books

Former Boston Celtics guard and 2018 Hall of Fame inductee Ray Allen is not a fan of the Los Angeles Lakers. He confronted the Lakers in the NBA Finals in 2018 and 2010 and basketball fans had a lot of fun watching their rivalry on the floor. But, Allen can’t ignore LeBron’s greatness. He heaps LeBron with praise on every occasion. They were teammates after all. Well, LeBron James hit another NBA record and passed Allen.

Allen was ready to enter the Hall of Fame and he took the chance to remember some of the best moments in his career. The legend spoke to Shams Charania of The Athletic and said that LeBron was tied for being his favorite teammate ever.

“Toss-up between Sam Cassell and LeBron James. Sam was a guy you wanted to go to battle with. He wouldn’t quit on you and do whatever he could. He never wore bad body language. LeBron is a guy who you’ll have fun with, he’ll compete with you, but he is always one of the guys. He never made himself bigger than the next man.”

LeBron James hits Ray Allen’s NBA record

Let’s go back to LeBron’s record. He passed Allen on the NBA for second on the NBA’s most three-pointers in playoff history.

Warriors superstar Stephen Curry is on top of the list. Allen is third, and he is followed by Klay Thompson, Manu Ginobili, Reggie Miller, Kevin Durant, James Harden, Kobe Bryant and J.R. Smith.

LeBron won’t stop here. The three-time NBA champion plans to win his fourth title. But he needs to defeat James Harden and the Rockets first. Moving to the deep postseason is a priority now, and the Lakers have a few major obstacles to deal with. The Rockets are pretty speedy and this speed helped them win Game 1 of the series. LA lost the first game of the series against Portland and that loss didn’t even change their winning plans. Analysts believe that LeBron’s team will do the same in this series.