LeBron James Reveals Thoughts as He Sat During Lakers Celebration

The Los Angeles Lakers celebrated their win over the Denver Nuggets with a lot of emotions and great plans. But, LeBron James decided to take a seat in the middle of the Lakers celebration. Confetti was falling on his shoulders, and LeBron was enjoying his moment at the AdventHealth Arena of the Disney World campus.

It wasn’t a regular celebration. LeBron did a simple stretch and he wasn’t jumping around like his teammates. So, why did he sit down?

The three-time NBA champion took to his Instagram and shared a photo of his “special” moment. “Job not done,” the caption read.

LeBron James wanted to have the Lakers celebration at Staples Center

LeBron’s first thought was with the Nuggets and coach Mike Malone. He was an assistant coach in Cleveland during LeBron’s first stint with the team.

“I was also thinking about some of my teammates who this is their first appearance in the Finals. Obviously, AD (Anthony Davis), had a lot of my thought process and this is the reason I wanted to be a teammate of his and why I brought him here. I wanted him to see things he hadn’t saw before in this league. To be able to come through for him meant a lot for me personally.

“Then I started thinking about the next opponent. Boston had a few moments in my head, Miami had a few moments in my head, as well, how challenging that series is going to be, whoever wins that next series and how challenging that’s gonna be. And then I just started thinking about my journey as well. All that was going through my mind as the confetti was on the floor, coming down, landing on my shoulder, things of that nature.”

LeBron has spent too much time in the bubble and this is the perfect award for his effort. The Lakers won the WFC over Denver and it was brilliant.

King James would definitely love to have the final game of the Western Conference Finals at Staples Center. But, it didn’t happen. Players had to finish the season in Orlando.