LeBron James Shares His Thoughts On Pat Riley

LeBron James and the Los Angeles Lakers will confront Pat Riley and the Miami Heat in the 2020 NBA Finals. The four-time NBA MVP will play against his former team. Riley is still running it, and we all know what that means.

Riley has been leading Miami since 1995. He was there when LeBron played. The team won two championships during LeBron’s time with the team. However, the king of basketball decided to go back to Cleveland. This was a rather shocking decision, and Riley was very angry. He took the decision personally, and even said that LeBron made the biggest mistake in his career. Well, LeBron and the Cavaliers won the NBA title in 2016, so it wasn’t really a mistake.

Riley is fine now, and he will try his hardest to defeat LeBron and the Los Angeles Lakers. Beating the player who left his team would be like a dream come true for Riley.

What does LeBron have to say about this? During his convo with media members, the Lakers superstar offered great praise for Riley.

“When you hear the name Pat Riley, you think about probably one of the greatest minds this game has ever had,” James said. “He’s won at every level. I saw a stat the other day that he’s been part of a championship in every decade. This league is not the same without Riles.”

Pat Riley and LeBron James will meet in the Finals

Riley has the perfect resume, and we can definitely say the same for LeBron. The three-time NBA champion will try to win his fourth ring. He lost the chance to win the NBA MVP award for the season and that only fuels his desire to win.

The Lakers had the perfect game against Denver. They won the series in five games, and their game was perfect. LeBron played through soreness, and Anthony Davis sustained a few injuries. He got poked in the eye and also rolled his ankle. The Lakers big man ignored his pain and even made shots with one eye. LA will need the one-eyed monster in the series against Miami.