Magic Johnson Destroys LA Clippers for Choking Yet Again Before Western Conference Finals

Magic Johnson has once again roasted the Los Angeles Clippers for their massive let down of a season. Many NBA pundits thought that the Clippers would be one of the best teams in the league this season. And for the most part, it was true. The Clippers played pretty well throughout the regular season. However, they did struggle pretty heavily in the playoffs.

It has been a strange season to say the least. The NBA bubble has made it hard for teams to stay focused. But that still is no reason for the Clippers to lose to such a unmatched team. LA lost to the Denver Nuggets in Game 7 of the second round last night. This shocked everyone around the NBA world.

Due to the loss, many people went to Twitter in order to voice their opinions. None more so than Lakers legend Magic Johnson, who ripped the Clippers after their loss.

Magic Johnson Destroys LA Clippers for Choking Yet Again Before Western Conference Finals

Take a look at what Magic said on Twitter after the game last night.

It seemed like after picking up superstar Kawhi Leonard and trading for former OKC star Paul George in July last year, they would be able to compete for a championship. That did not happen, though.

They were relatively inconsistent on the defensive end all season. But this was not enough for people to think they were in trouble. Lots of experts around the league thought they would pick it up when the playoffs came around.

And it looked like they were correct for awhile. They had a 3-1 lead on Denver, and it looked like it was going to be a Lakers-Clippers showdown in the Western Conference Finals. But then the choke came. This is rather unfortunate as it would have been a great series between the Lakers and Clippers. But some things just are not meant to be, obviously. Now it looks like the Clippers will continue to fall short in the playoffs, even with a massive amount of talent.

What do you think about the Clippers choking to the Nuggets?