Mohamed Sanu Reacts To Getting Cut By The Patriots

Mohamed Sanu has finally reacted to getting released by the New England Patriots recently. The Patriots are very much trying to get the team completely ready before the start of the 2020 season. There might be a little bit of pressure on them. The 2019 season was no beauty, and they failed to make if to the playoffs. Not only did they fail to make the playoffs, they failed to look good at all.

Especially on the offensive side of the ball, the Patriots failed to do much of anything in 2019. Even the legendary Tom Brady looked like a very much below average quarterback last year. This is one of the reasons the Patriots are looking to sign as many free agents as possible. Because of this, they are also having to cut a few plays that might surprise fans.

Mohamed Sanu is one of the players that was cut. He has now come out and responded to his release. It would not be shocking to see him be a little bit upset given the circumstances.

Mohamed Sanu Reacts To Getting Cut By The Patriots

Sanu talked about his discussion with Bill Belichick and what he was told.

“He told me it wasn’t going to work out, which I respect. I personally think it was a money thing. I still want to play where I’m valued.”

This move absolutely aids the Patriots in the money area. They will now easily have $6.5 million in cap space just by cutting Sanu.

Coach Belichick might had hinted at the reasoning previously.

“… More than the physical skillset really is the position that the receivers play. So, we have outside receivers and we have inside receivers and then have receivers that can, let’s say, play both or have some combination of skills where they can play both spots. All three are important. Some guys can be outside only, some guys can be inside only, some guys can have that flexibility,” Belichick said.

“In the end, I think it’s really more about production and performance, although size and skillset plays a part in that, as well. They are related, but really the most important thing is to be productive,” Belichick continued. “… Competition at that position has been good. As always, that’s the type of position where you can really see an individual highlight play or a play that may not be as good — a dropped ball or a spectacular catch — and those plays are a lot more visible and really easily identifiable relative to an interior line play or that type of thing.”

What do you think about what Sanu and Belichick said on his release?