NFL Analyst Floats Ludicrous Patriots Quarterback Conspiracy Theory

There is a certain NFL analyst that seems to have a ridiculous conspiracy theory on the New England Patriots quarterback. The Patriots are busy trying to bounce back from last year. Tom Brady left the Patriots without much of a plan. As a result, they signed former NFL MVP Cam Newton to a one year deal. And in week 1, he looked like the real deal.

He rushed for 2 touchdowns and failed to throw an interception. This was great to see as there were many questions as to whether or not he would fit into what the Patriots offense is doing. But any questions were let go after watching him play on Sunday afternoon. We will have to see what he can do going forward. But that does not mean some analysts aren’t still asking questions.

NFL Analyst Floats Ludicrous Patriots Quarterback Conspiracy Theory

Adam Lefkoe seems to have his own theory. It is a crazy theory and it is very unlikely that it will ever happen.

On this Tuesday’s episode of “The Lefkoe Show,” the Bleacher Report NFL pro mentioned that the New England Patriots could be planning to overwork current starting QB Cam Newton in the first half of the 2020 season. Then, they will switch to Jarrett Stidham after Week 6.

The co host, Brian Westbrook, agreed that this could definitely be the case. But it seems pretty hard to believe.

“I said this when they signed (Newton),” Lefkoe said. “They still think Stidham could be the guy, but when you look at the Patriots schedule over these first few weeks, now they go to Seattle, in a few weeks they go to Kansas City. What a better way to show one type of offense for the first six weeks and get everyone scheming, ‘How do we stop this?’

“And then, you can switch it halfway through the year.”

This thoery seems pretty ridiculous given what we have seen from Newton so far. He played very well and is unlikely to be replaced. What do you think about what he had to say about the QB position?