Odds Released for Los Angeles Lakers’ Chances of Beating Rockets in Round 2

The Los Angeles Lakers are focused on beating the Houston Rockets. This would be the first trip to the Western Conference Finals of LeBron James’ career. It would also be the first time the Lakers have seen success in the NBA playoffs in a very long time. LeBron has had a huge impact on this season. It seems like the Lakers struggled some at the beginning of the NBA bubble.

But they quickly bounced back. Then, in the first game against the Portland Trail Blazers, the Lakers lost. This was pretty surprising to those around the league who were expecting an easy series for the Lakers. But they were able to come back in a huge way. After the game 1 loss, the Lakers won 4 games straight to an easy victory.

Now, the Lakers finally know who they will be facing in round 2 of the playoffs. The Rockets were able to take down the Oklahoma City Thunder in Game 7 against on Wednesday. They pulled out the victory 104-102.

Odds Released for Los Angeles Lakers’ Chances of Beating Rockets in Round 2

Now that round 2 is set, they have officially released the odds for the Lakers and the Rockets. It looks like the Lakers are ready for victory. This would be a huge win for the Lakers and the entire organization.

Take a look at the current odds for the Lakers:

The Lakers had the best record in the Western Conference at the end of the season. However, they did go just 1-2 against the Rockets during the season. The playoffs are a different animal though.

The Lakers also lost their most recent game against the Houston Rockets 113-97. They will definitely need to step up if they want to win the series.

Houston definitely has some issues in their size. But Russell Westbrook and James Harden make up for that with the basketball skills. They are both playmakers that that will need to be put in check if the Lakers want to win.

The Lakers should be able to have success in this series if they play at their best. What do you think?