Raiders Coach Jon Gruden Reveals Nickname He Uses For Cam Newton

NFL players and coaches have come up with interesting nickname ideas for New England Patriots wideout Cam Newton. The 2015 NFL MVP looked really sharp in his first two weeks as a Patriots quarterback. Newton is exactly what the New England Patriots needed this season.

In the first two games with the Patriots, Newton was able to complete 71 percent of his passes for 552 yards and a touchdown while going for 122 yards and four scores in the Patriots’ first two games. The starting quarterback looked healthy and comfortable in the pocket. He was also an excellent runner.

Newton and his teammates will meet the Las Vegas Raiders at Gillette Stadium. Most analysts would definitely agree that the Raiders are one of the league’s most surprising teams. Jon Gruden leads the team as head coach. His players had an amazing 34-24 win over the New Orleans Saints on Monday Night Football. They met New Orleans with a big surprise in the pockets.

Jon Gruden has the perfect nickname for Cam Newton

During his conversation with media members this afternoon, Gruden said Cam looks just like his usual self. He also revealed his nickname for the former Carolina Panthers quarterback.

“I haven’t seen many guys walk through my doors that look like Cam,” Gruden said. “I call him ‘Slam.’ Slam Newton. That was the nickname He’s a power forward playing quarterback.”

Newton has to continue his performance on the field. Rivals are already panicking. Many thought that he would fail in his first game as a Patriot. But, Newton proved them wrong. I bet many NFL general managers regret their decisions to ignore him this offseason. Head coach Bill Belichick and the Patriots made the only offer Newton got this offseason. He signed with the team for respect. Newton doesn’t need money. He needs to convince everyone that his game is still sharp. From what we can see, he is definitely a threat on the field.

New England is 1-1 at this point in the season. Will Newton help his teammates go to 2-1?