Report: Bill Belichick’s Mother, Jeannette Belichick Dies at 98

Head coach of the Patriots Bill Belichick’s mother, Jeannette Belichick, has passed away from natural causes on Monday evening. She was 98 at the time of her death. This is already a busy time for Belichick and this will only make it more difficult for him to get things done. Hopefully he and his family were able to enjoy the time they had with Jeanette.

Bill was the only child of Steve and Jeanette Belichick. The two met all the way back in 1951 at Hiram College. Bill was born the year after, only a little over a year after they met.

Steve played in the NFL and eventually started coaching there as well. He is the one that first showed Bill and introduced him to the game of football. We can see what this has done for the entire NFL.

Report: Bill Belichick’s Mother, Jeannette Belichick Dies at 98

Steve Belichick passed away 15 years ago now at the age of 86. At the time of his death, he and Jeannette had been married or an amazing 55 years. The Belichick family is grieving right now and we wish them the very best during this difficult time.

Jeanette worked as a language teacher and could understand 7 languages. She did not work directly with the game of football. However, she was well known for her knowledge of the game and that is obviously given her husband’s and son’s knowledge.

Several people gave their condolences.

ESPN’s Ian O’Connor said on Twitter:

“Bill Belichick credited his mom, a language teacher, for showing him how to teach. Bill’s dad Steve once said of Jeannette: “I don’t think there’s a woman in the country who knows more about football. She can tell u the 2nd string QB of the Rams & who coaches Texas-El Paso. RIP”’s Albert Breer said:

“You always hear about Bill’s dad being an influence on him, since his dad was a football coach. What you heard less about him is the difference his mom, a teacher, made in him becoming who he is. RIP, and best to the family.”